BASHA is a abstract graffiti artist creating mono chromatic paintings with vivid, detailed black and white designs. Self taught, he favors painting only original works. His works are contradictions. Showing simplicity mixed with extreme complexity. “The best description of my work is best provided when one experiences my work in person.“

Artist Statement

BASHA’s paintings are contradictions containing intense maximalist black and white designs over a minimalist color background. His designs are improvisational and painted with a lot of intensity that are revealed to the viewer over the course of years. His color schemes are orchestrated in a manner to radiate a calm and inspire curiosity. His signature style took over twenty years to create. These are the “BASHA Meets Abstract” collection.


“I use Black & White because it’s primary. It’s simple and gets to the point.
It’s quick action without fuss. I am the creator of my paintings and I love what I do.”


Each painting is marked with BASHA’s custom wax seal. The back of BASHA’s works are adorned with messages, quotes and sayings.

Inception of BASHA Meets Abstract

After returning from a devastating trip to Beijing. He was in deep personal turmoil.
He lost a friend and seemed lost. Struck with insomnia, and becoming depressed. His wife urged him to start painting again. With her astute advice he started to get back into his old routine of painting multiple works back to back. He worked like a beast.

BASHA Meets Vanta Black

BASHA is one of the first & few artists in the world to work with the limited supply of Vantablack. Teaming up with London artist Stuart Semple, BASHA’s new Vantablack paintings were created 4/28/2017. Both (shown below) have been sold. BASHA is currently taking commissions for this series. Current turnaround time is three months.